What satisfied Westview Villa owners have to say

View of a bedroom in a Westview Villa, Nanton

​"The quality of the houses impressed us very much. Also the fact that I don’t have to do a lot of work in the yard – but I have a yard. If I want to go outside and get dirt under my fingernails, I can do so by planting a little flower garden and that sort of thing… but it’s watered for me in the summertime, and the snow is removed in the wintertime."

John and Nancy Noyce

"Not only is the villa very comfortable and practical but we moved from Calgary, and the busyness of the city is not personal, whereas in Nanton we’re walking along the street, we meet somebody and they talk to you, we become acquainted with each other, we’re fitting into the community really well, and it’s the best hidden secret that there is in Alberta."

Alan and Ollie Rogers

Glass bowl of fruit on the kitchen bench in a Westview Villa, Nanton
Close up view of crockery on the kitchen bench in a Westview Villa, Nanton

"We have lived in our villa for a year now and love it. Our friends liked it too, and after they saw the Show home, they decided to buy it."

Susan and Ken Baptist


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